Thursday, March 17, 2016

CSA Registration Info for 2016

What a wacky winter it's been! I feel a little bit like I've been shortchanged in the 'off-season' department, but I'm also eager to get going and this seemingly early spring is a nice kick starter.

Mark and I spent some time this winter reviewing some parts of the our farm business that haven't been carefully reviewed in a couple years and made a few discoveries about the CSA side of Barnyard Organics Ltd.  Firstly, that it gives us a great sense of responsibility but also loyalty, appreciation and relationship that we don't get with our less directly marketed enterprises.  We feel so lucky to have the members we do, who continue to keep coming back! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
We also discovered that the way we raise our animals actually takes a little more time and effort than we'd previously estimated.  And even though we make our own feed and make it quite economically, it still costs us more than our neighbours who buy in conventional feed.  So I've been quite torn, worried that some of you might think we're charging more and you're being asked to cover our inefficiencies, but I'm confident now that what we're doing is indeed efficient and we're raising a better product, a happier animal and most importantly, healthier soil.
That said, if anyone wants to see a breakdown of our costs and why we charge what we do, I am more than happy to provide that.  (I even made a pretty pie-chart! Because, visual learner.)

This also addresses another change this year.  We have added an Administration Fee for each member.  I know- as if we don't all have enough Admin Fees in our lives, now our CSA?!  But in our evaluation of costs, I discovered how much time I was spending sitting here, managing numbers and spreadsheets and emails and as much I (obviously) love typing and chatting, it all adds up.  But I didn't want to just add it into my overall costs because some members have several shares and some only have one and CSA management is really per member, not per share, so THUS you'll notice an Admin Fee of $8 per Member at the bottom.  I promise to include more recipes and less mindless chatter this year.  Okay, I'll TRY with the latter.  ;)

Now that I've gotten the ugly money bits out of the way here's the small changes to the guts of the thing:
  • It starts later than usual.  July.  I know.  That feels forever away.  There will be a batch of chickens in June, but not enough for the CSA so I'll report on those as they are available. So due to less time-instead of the previous 9 chickens, one share will be 7 chickens. 

    Summerside, your first delivery will be July 7th.
    Charlottetown, your first delivery will be July 12th.
  •  Delivery locations and times have not changed for Charlottetown, but Summerside, I have changed to Thursdays to accommodate those of you lucky humans who also have a veggie share with Jen's (Amazing) Farm Fresh Veggies. So S'side, I'll see you every second Thursday at Trinity United Church parking lot from 4:00-5:30.  And Ch'town at Spring Park United Church Parking lot from 4:00-5:30
  •  Since the pork is a new part of the CSA for us, it seems a bit more complicated than it should be, but here's the scoop: You can either buy a side, fresh and packed, ready for your freezer.  Or for an extra $75 I can freeze it for you and deliver it bit by bit throughout the summer, CSA-style.  So one week you'd get some chops, next time you'd get a roast, then maybe some ribs, then some ground pork, etc. The price includes cured bacon. Here's hoping this new venture goes well!  
  • If you're still confused after reading this: Please contact me with any questions. Email is probably the most reliable: sallywbATgmailDOTcom.  I will post a link to the registration form after all previous members have had an opportunity to sign up.  If any shares are left after March 31st, there will be a link to the form right here. 
  • Lastly, please don't hesitate to ask for an installation payment plan.  I am happy to work out something with post-dated cheques.  

 Thanks so much! I can't wait to see everyone!



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