Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bushels of CUTE!!!

Well, it's been a while since I've updated, but I have some fun photos to share, so finally got myself organized today to post them.  So many exciting things happening on the farm these days!
 The rooster out with his ladies in the pasture, often crowing for all he's worth.

 Here is my trusty, and VERY helpful helper, Lucy, filling the chickens' water buckets.

Sol is much less helpful, but what he lacks in usefulness, he more than makes up for in cuteness! :)
My work crew in the pasture with our 'equipment'.  We're getting to be a well-oiled machine. Sometimes. haha.

 That red bale you see is covered in 400 beautiful roses.  We were intrigued to be part of a project with local artist, Becka Viau titled, "Agrarian Monuments" which uses round bales decorated with fresh flowers.  Check out the website; there's even an interview with Wilson on there.  It made for a great toy for the layer hens.  You can see the rooster and some of the ladies checking it out in the picture.
 Now you've come to the porcine section of the blog.  This little guy allowed us to take his picture on day one, nearly a week ago and I swear they've already doubled in size.
 Here are a few of the piglets out in the pasture.  They love running through the grass!

 If they like the grass, they LOVE the mud.  Their rooting instinct is so strong!  Their first reaction when they get outside is to root up some dirt, grass, mud, etc.  Those little snouts are STRONG and built for digging!
 I put this picture in to show the proud Momma, but also to give you some perspective on how small they are.  See them behind her in the grass? 

The last exciting news on the farm is that the layer hens have finally begun laying eggs!!  Well, one, two days in a row, but still!  Egg CSA coming soon!

As you can see, we're in the middle of a bustling season here, but loving every minute of it! (well, most minutes for sure. )

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