Sunday, February 23, 2014

Chicken CSA 2014

For the second season, we’re inviting people to sign up for a “share of organic chicken” from our farm, Barnyard Organics Ltd.  This means that you’ll sign up and pay to receive one chicken every 2 weeks for 9 weeks, either whole, or cut-up, starting June 1st until October 7th. (*there will be a two-week break between July 28-Aug. 9).
Delivery will be to Summerside and Charlottetown, alternating weekly, with only limited shares in each city, so don’t hesistate to sign up now!

 One Share= 1 chicken bi-weekly for 9 weeks.

Price= $3.85/lb for CSA members

            Optional- + $5.00/chicken for cut-up (two breasts, two drumsticks & thighs, two wings, and backbone.) or + $2 for cut in half.

The average weight of the chickens will be 6.5 lbs, so you will pay $225 for 59 lbs of chicken, received as decided above (plus the cut-up charge if desired), over 18 weeks, bi-weekly.

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is based on a mutual relationship between the farmer, the food and the eater or consumer.  The customer purchases a ‘share’ in the farm, paying in advance for the food, assuming some of the risk that comes with smaller scale food production but helping to level the playing field for the farmer against industrial agriculture.  In exchange, the farmer provides quality, farm fresh food.

So, how does it work?

If you live in Summerside, every two weeks you will meet Mark or Sally at a central location, on Tuesday afternoons to pick up your whole, fresh, vacuum sealed chicken.  You will indicate on a sign-in sheet if you want your next chicken whole or cut-up and pay the $5 or $2 fee for the cut-up option.  There will also be extra chickens and pieces available for sale at that time, should you be interested.  The same goes for if you live in Charlottetown, on alternating weeks.  The size of the chickens may vary slightly from week to week, but we aim for an average of 6.5 lbs over the 9 weeks.
As members, Sally will also keep in touch with weekly newsletters that include recipes and updates from the farm.  Non-CSA member price is $4.00/lb for whole chickens (more for pieces).

What’s so special about these chickens?

Raised on the farm from day 1, the chickens spend their first days in our airy and bright brooding area until they lose their yellow fluff and are ready to head out onto the lush organic pastures.  We grow, mill and mix all our own feed so we know that it is of the highest quality, guaranteed GMO-free and just the right mix for the best chicken. 
The chickens are also processed right here on the farm, in a provincially inspected facility, eliminating any stress from transportation, handled in a humane way and ensuring you are receiving only our organic chickens.  We promise this is unlike any chicken you’ve ever tasted from the grocery store.  

Registration forms will be going out soon, but if you'd like to get on the contact list to ensure you don't miss your opportunity to sign up, please email me at sallywbATgmailDOTcom.

Looking forward to being your farmer!!!


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