Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dead End Tour!

It was a big day here at the farm today.  We got a call yesterday that the Health Inspector we were in contact with this spring, was planning a visit this morning.  It was a morning we were killing, so it actually ended up to be pretty good timing.  He was super impressed and we were super proud!
So,here's a photo tour of what he saw today.  
 Here's your tour guide, starting us off in the 'dispatch room'.   
 Through the plastic doorway, you'll come to 'my room'. All white and shiny and fresh, just the way I like it.
Here's the room you come into if you pick up your chickens at the farm. It's our new cooler door!!  (although you might notice the cord running under the door that is running our big fridge until we get the compressor up and running).  If you opened the cooler door you'd see two awesome new metal racks we bought off Kijiji this week, which felt like Christmas. 
There's also this hallway that leads back around to the 'dispatch room' and which houses the utility room and the 'bathroom' (a requirement in case we ever hire employees, but which for now holds our milk separator and other odd and ends-like ladders.)

That concludes the tour, but I hope if you get the chance, you'll stop by the farm anytime you're around. 


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