Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Quick photo tour.

A Mid-Summer Days Work 
(well, actually late summer and only a very minute part of the day, but you get it.)

Moving the chickens daily is usually not a big job, but since they're in a rectangle field, every so often, the pens need to take a turn to head around the next side.  It takes some extra helpers when it's "turning day" and for once, I remembered to take my camera.

Lucy having an old fashioned knee slapper laugh at the pigs frolicking behind me. You can see the chicken shelters in the background.

 Wilson, Lucy and I, with Sol in the carrier, on our way out of the field after moving the shelters.
Mark and Thayne working slowly and patiently to pull the shelters at the correct angle.

 One of our older shelters, with the lower 'ceiling/roof'.

 One of our newer shelters, currently occupied by our layer hen pullets, who all ran to the front for the picture.  :)  The meat birds don't get nearly as excited. haha.

Here are the pigs that Lucy was laughing at.  They were having a particularly good time with the mud that day.  (Side-note: We'll have pork available this fall!)

Please feel free to come visit us!  We're nearly always here, but an email or call would guarantee we'd be around.


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